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The Meaning of Zito by Andrew Stergiou June 28, 2005

The word "Zito" contrary to the rationalized foibles of the
American and English cultures, languages' pronunciation of
foreign derived words (such as Spanish Chinese and Greek) reflects a
bastardization of the language which has its roots in foreign soil.
Words as such can not generally stand on the merits (except poetic
ones) where they do not reflect the users' original intent (make
like congress's original intent in enacting laws it is not what
they say specificly but what they intended to say). Such words and
phrase survive merely as some fait d accompli foisted on all of us
(due to the massive size of those language groups and they cultural
dominance) by those same people who would obligate us to be linguist
purists (much like ancient Roman Latin Purists).

The name Zito maybe recognized as notedly associated as the family
name of the Oakland A's pitcher Barry Zito (baseball, pitcher),
or with the surname of Andrew for the Australian musician Andrew
Zito, a Niagara Falls N.Y. Home Studio Owner Andrew J., or online
writer Andrew Stergiou (perhaps yours truly) all distinguished from the
Aussie musician and other with the same name).

There is the "bad boy" Chuck Zito (with some strange search
references to naked photos), Dr Anthony Zito of New Castle UK a
lecturer, there is Joe Zito the ALLEGED Genovese crime
family "mafia" ("whatever the fuk dat is") soldier.

There is Eric. Laura, and Stephen Zito. Of the Sicilians buried in
Baltimore there is Anna Marie Zito 1886-1977, Joseph Zito 1881-1950,
Concetta Zito 1858-1905, Frank Zito, Jr. 1900-1916, Francesco Zito
1859-1941, Frank J. Zito 1907-1955 (all in Baltimore), as is
Salvatore Zito 1899-1967.

What is strange is that if you ask Italians (especially Italians of
American Decent) as to their Greek bloodlines and background
they'd most like say "I am no Greek", "I am an
Italian" or "Sicilian".

When actually most of southern Italy and all of Sicily were once
very much Greek; and whose population can still be considered with
strange cultural kinship to Greek culture (except that they speak no
Italian and have an Italian Government)(etc.).

Archmides was a Greek mathematician from Syracuse, Sicily, as was:
Philistus (Greek historian born c. 435 B.C.E.) as once upon a time
Syracuse stood as a Greek colony (much like Carthage was a challenge
to Rome) .

But as anyone familiar with the historical facts of the matter can
tell you, that you don't have to scratch too deeply into Southern
Italian and Sicilian bloodlines to find its Greek roots though
collectively at times it seems Italians have amnesia evidenced in
that the name "Zito" proberly comes from the Greek word Zeta
Ita Tau Omega most likely, and that Italians in their strieving
for a national identity incidently forget such details .

Zito in Andrew Stergiou means Andreas / Andrew "Long
Live", as in or also meaning Andrew "I ask" (as the word
has two connotations linguisticly. Which used can mean poetically
quite a bit if one would give up POP culture long enough to find and
depth to the subject matter that all too often is glossed over and
neglected by a culture that think very much only skin deep.

Now I leave it to your imagination to draw what rightful (or
wrongful) conclusions ( as you may ) asking merely:

Is there any national basis to culture? And if not what is the basis
of the Intelectual Property laws if all law is nationally (locally)

As French includes many words of English and English equally many
words from French (approx. 1200 not all the same terms and words)
the two languages have common roots as do many European Languages
that the U.S. disgarded in a mad rush toward standardization (You
got to "Speaka" "der Angle Sprachen" cause this


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