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Empty Space by Andrew Stergiou (March 21, 2005)

Empty Space such waste
Again with only crayons to set the pace
Faster Learner Scribler, Toddler, saboteur, spy
A heavy drinker, a sick drunken nibbler
Pawing at the pavement in a nightmare
Pacesetter abandoned by his mother
Drawn by city lights, ambition
Backyard politicians' demogogues with long hair
Sales personal, religion, thinking, speaking
Tormented in endless eternities a sea of souls
Stick fingers in your ears all yee who enter here
Close eyes and repress memories of decapitated heads
Ruthless steel fingers puncture skulls
Poking out eyes, then picking a cold can of beer
Grabbing indiscrimately roasted flesh
Wild dawgs of war wounded and fatally maimed
Tortured cries is what is heard
You know dear the Simpsons are coming over


Universally Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved (copyright 1955-2006 Andrew Stergiou use at your own risk, contact for author's consent to fair use (fascists only have rights to drop dead, die, or be killed!)