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We are not in Kansas Toto! by Andrew Stergiou

We are not in Kansas Toto!!

into the mist of the stupornatural we go

onward and forward undaunted by the chase a foot

for blood and gore they smell

of haunted mists, shadows dark, not light of day

for all they say can be seen and foretold by mere faith alone

is as well and best good that they say not at all

as what this evil "science" so tells is but their own depravity


into nature and woods some wander

and where then (or there) out they come

no one can tell

for we are told there is no begining

nor end for a conclusion

as their explanations lack

in telling

they defer to other sources

as crypticly pro hac vice sua sponte

they raise the prices of beer and order whiskey

without rhyme or reason

they argue for its and act of g-d

a question of faith

but then require us to do the math

Saying don't I look like a man

with an honest face whom you can trust and believe

for crying out loud

you bugger wimps

what you think now "we are but chimps?"

or have you called us boldly chumps

for here is a planet, there is a star

tell me O WIZ

from where they all are

call it g-d, or call it big bang

but from where did it all come from

Universally Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved (copyright 1955-2006 Andrew Stergiou use at your own risk, contact for author's consent to fair use (fascists only have rights to drop dead, die, or be killed!)