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The Inauguration of Barack Obama - By Andrew Stergiou November 16th, 2008


Though I cannot and will not compare the United States to a socialist country, it has shared much in common with the Soviet Union.

Like the calamity that confronted the people of the Soviet Union during its collapse, the United States, the American people and American working class faces the current economic crisis of similar circumstances..

With much in common pensioners of the Soviet Union during its collapse, pensioners of the United States face an uncertain future that after a lifetime of labor they were robbed of the fruits of their lives, work and labor.

Much like the industries of the Soviet Union during its collapse , the nation has watched as the largest of corporations have been raided and gobbled up by ruthless speculators thru a corrupt legal system and fraud, then stripped of their assets.

Much like the people of the Soviet Union, the American people has watched as entire industries, and government contracts were handed on silver platters to one favored groups or another against the national interests.

Much like the people of the Soviet Union, the American people have watched as the power elites have turned a blind eye, as criminal extremist elements were allowed to garner strength.

As society and conditions were allowed to decay, and the people were made to suffer, some profited greatly thru criminal associations,.

As the people were blinded and mislead and misdirected thru booze drugs religion and dogma.

These are the times that try good peoples’ souls. As in the French Revolution there are two different worlds: a world of the rich and one of the poor, one of the native born and one of the new citizens. One of the just and one of the unjust. One of the lawful and one of the unlawful. One of sinners and one of saints. One of patriots and one of traitors. One of talk and one of action. One of harmony and one of discord. One of peace and one of war. One of thoughtful prudence and one of ill-conceived fools.

As in the French revolution there were two sides of the story one of the ordinary soldier and citizen, and those of the nobility, the aristocrats, the cronies of Bonaparte’s favor and lusts, and those of the peasants and the child.

In the quiet beyond the roars of celebratory crowds one can hear the tension thick enough to cut with a knife. Some will say Barack Obama is divinely inspired, godsent, and can do no wrong; some will say he is evil incarnate, the black deceiver, a mixed race disgrace who can do nothing good, right, or proper.

"Both these initial reactions do not address the complexity of the man or of the office he will occupy in the new year. Neither of these polarized ideas express anything but the most shallow depths of the world-wide political collective unconscious."

Beyond the commotion and ambitions of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the United States Congress, amidst the fears and courage of the American people there is where the future battles will be waged and occur. The end of the 2008 presidential election left many people only nominally decided as to what is the best for the nation, as many have their doubts.

"Driven to vote by a fear of the growing recession in the U.S., the electorate opted for what they perceived as change – any change – in the hopes that newly-elected politicians would be able to heal the hemorrhaging economy facing possible collapse. Brought about by shortsighted policies of the past twenty-eight years.”

In a struggle for what is should be done for the good of the country (let alone the fate of the world economies that depend on decisions made here)."

In a struggle for the hearts and minds of the people. some people will never change (perhaps I am one of them), and nothing that Barack Obama or anyone does can change them though change will come weither good or bad.

"On the other hand, those who expect quick and great changes from the next administration are headed for a huge disappointment as they come to realize that the roots of the problem run deeper than they had imagined."

But that does not mean that the new Obama administration can not produce immediate results and changes that would be recognized and felt dramatically by the American people if it wants to.

What, in terms of honor, that should be the objective of all political factions, considering all the rhetoric that was passed before the American people allegedly as truth (Democrats and Republicans alike) that was designed one can suppose is to make an enemy eat their words.

Beyond the commotion and ambitions of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the United States Congress, amongst the American people where the real battles will occur, mainly because the end of the 2008 presidential election was marked in leaving many people only nominally decided as to what is the best for the nation though they know what is good in their own lives.

When actually, it is a question of political integrity and valor that is at stake, more than one’s own private thoughts and agendas, even as in the best of times a nation has divisions, that worsen when times are bad.

I would not say that:

"It is not up to solely the electorate to see through their own personal blind spots and discern which voices are driven to speak by a desire to move the country forward, but a question of leadership, showing not a desire to increase their own political gains and legitimacy but of good and a fortitude for good that can not be deceived”

For all too often it is the common citizen, workers and poor people who shouldered the burdens for a society of their master elites who pay lip service to issues of responsibility, duty and sacrifice.

Elites who have cried poverty and need for government funds to save their companies, but who have misappropriated those funds so as to pay for their unending junkets and the high life which threatens the very substance of all American society.

Normally after a president is elected and inaugurated there is a grace period; unfortunately Barack Obama will not be afforded any such consideration as the attacks from within the power elites both friend and foe alike have begun as if they already taste his blood.

In what is tantamount to a struggle for their hearts and minds for the future direction of the United States some people will never change (perhaps I am one of them), nothing that Barack Obama does can change them, nor could anyone else change them.

Actually, it is a question of political integrity and valor that is at stake, more than one’s own private thoughts and agendas, when even in the best of times a nation has divisions that worsen when time are bad, these may be the worst of times.

Some wear the garb of the clergy, and some of the rabble, of the very same type and quality of clergy in the form of Pontius Pilot of Rome, who crucified Jesus and who made deals with heretics and fascists in order to satisfy personal ambitions, needs and wants; these are the ones I warn though but they will heed no warning because they are blinded by their dogmas and ambitions.

I speak of those who dare in their audacity and bold nerve to threaten the president of the United States without waiting for him to be inaugurated and assume office.

“Catholic bishops will fight Obama*** RACHEL ZOLL, AP Religion Writer Rachel Zoll, Ap Religion Writer – Wed Nov 12, 1:14 am ET”

“US Catholic bishops warn Obama *** Yahoo! Wed Nov 12, 2:59 pm ET”

Catholic Bishops Vow to Confront Obama Administration *** (Fox news AP Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catholic bishops plan to forcefully confront Obama (By Manya Brachear (Chicago Tribune staff reporter 8:38 PM CST, November 11, 2008)

Such enemies are already on the offensive without hesitation and reservation, (before Barack Obama even hits the ground running as president) just as some defend it for what few rights and privileges they have, and so now is the time for the American people to act in defense of democracy and the republic.

Though such clerical pretenders feign in their deceitfulness to do god’s will, the holy father and the church when they pick and choose what it is that they will adhere to without creditability, they have remained for the most part silent in the pulpit regarding war and esoteric political intrigues relating to the ruling elites of the world, while conveniently attacking individual rights as scapegoats, in diversion of the naive.

“As a Catholic American, I continue to be outraged by the silence from the pulpit with regard to the pope’s determination that the war in Iraq is unjust, while weekly I’m assaulted with the mantra that it is my duty to support politicians who vote against a woman’s right to choose abortion.

If the bishops want to establish some credibility, they need to speak about defending the lives of innocents born and unborn — those who suffer and die from an American war as well as those who die in utero. Then, the choice pushed by the church between Republican and Democrat wouldn’t be so clear, and Catholics would be trusted to deliberate, exercise free will and vote their consciences. Anna Dombrowski Princeton, N.J., Nov. 11, 2008 New York Times Letters”

Here in the clergy of a church disciplined by an undemocratic unyielding dogma of hierarchy, of coercion and convenience, what distinguishes them from the clergy of Franco’s Spain?

A clergy that has often sided with fascists!

Where the likes of Mussolini and Hitler were accepted and the “subhumans” were denied..

That they were noticeable quiet on the fate of those in the concentration camps though they had ready access to intelligence, as 1/3 of Nazi Germany’s SS officers were Catholic as well as Germans and many of them lived in Nazi occupied territory.

The clergy joined by secular counterparts in what amounts to nothing less than a diversity of sectarian views, as clerical wolves in sheep clothing leading the flock, attempting to dictate their version of religion regardless of what the nation and church needs and feels, by not merely making threats to each and every American, but to these United States of America:

I warn each and every American to take note they do this country no good service nor serve their own gods of avarice, lust, and ambition.

What is at stake are the hearts, minds, and souls of the American working people and the future of world peace and security in what comes in baby steps as well as giant steps. Changes occur as a series of events, not in a vacuum and not always rapidly as the clergy attempt to drag us by deceit into their esoteric intrigues.

What is most at risk in this struggle for the minds and souls of the people are those people who sat on the fence for much of the elections, those who saw no need for change from the deceit and failed policies which have lead this country on the path of ruin towards destruction; it is perhaps a risk of stagnation and apathy, neither of which any country can afford.

As democracy is threatened by its weakest links, in that its enemies overwhelm many of us with tons of facts printed and unprinted, and then when we retreat from such details:

The attacks conversely become based on our sensibilities and emotions in what is nothing less than shameful twisted demagoguery and propaganda. It is an onslaught that serves to undermine the ability to use our critical thinking skills, a loss that has catastrophic implications.

There are those who are the high priests of finance, the high priests of spin and misdirection, and the privately financed gurus of state security and economy that change unreliably like the chaff in the wind of the marketplace.

Some even speaking treacherously, in suggesting that we should sacrifice all American industry before the altar of foreign capitalism, first through outsourcing and then by complete betrayal and surrender. That they dare suggest allowing industry to fail, though not reckless speculators so as to satisfy their anti-union sentiments.

They dare suggest giving foreign industry and industrialists an unimpeded advanced footing in American markets by assaulting the American automotive industry amongst others in what would benefit especially the Japanese and Korean automotive industries. Such acts would be treasonable and in a time of war, that would be punishable by penalty of death.

It is not a political issue but one of strategic importance concerning the future of the United States that will determine perhaps whether or not the United States as we know it will continue to exist in the future. We cannot afford to become complacent and fear-driven though that is what some would rather happen as in our inaction they attempt to rule.

Foreign industry that:

“represents an unprecedented assault on our nation's industrial core” (May 13, 1990 New York Times FORUM; Are Japan's U.S. Auto Plants Unfair? “ (By OWEN BIEBER; OWEN BIEBER IS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED AUTO WORKERS.)

It is not a political issue but one of strategic importance concerning the future of the United States, the American people, the American working class and the future of the world that will determine perhaps whether or not the United States will continue to exist as we know it. In a future that we cannot afford to become complacent and fear-driven.

For some time the size of the currency markets were noted as being larger than most countries' central banks.

Where speculators held sway over markets greater than central banks, and as such they posed a threat to a stabile world economy - where matters were not properly addressed done to rectify the matter (to remove the risks of imminent threats), as the current state of the world’s currency and commodity prices can attest to.

Though some crackpots may wish to destabilize the US and world economies for their own ambitions, those parties cannot predict the outcome of such events, particularly in regards to a future that may lead to a nuclear end game that would be their final solution.

Most thinking people would not desire such an end, and as such I defer to the majority view and sentiment in what I suppose is a democratic process as good sense.

Already before president-elect Obama is inaugurated, the news is filled with distressing mention of threats and violence. In that one can try, but of course can’t always be satisfied in all of the people all of the time one can only be distressed in reading that:

There have been "hundreds" of incidents since the election, many more than usual, said Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate crimes. ***” (Election spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes By JESSE WASHINGTON, AP National Writer Jesse Washington, Ap National Writer Sat Nov 15, 5:18 pm ET)

Now in the United States we can feel the horrors of the destabilizing effects on an economy manipulated for the benefit of the greedy, as they were felt by others as the result of US actions abroad in foreign lands that we here too must struggle with and defeat.

Instead of addressing the issues there are those who think nothing better than to advance hate and greed:

“Cross burnings. Schoolchildren chanting "Assassinate Obama." Black figures hung from nooses. Racial epithets scrawled on homes and cars. Incidents around the country referring to President-elect Barack Obama are dampening the post-election glow of racial progress and harmony, highlighting the stubborn racism that remains in America. From California to Maine, police have documented a range of alleged crimes, from vandalism and vague threats to at least one physical attack. Insults and taunts have been delivered by adults, college students and second-graders.”

The results of such behavior are a continuing lack of focus on real problems, focusing instead on the false divisions created between people. Divisions from which some wish to profit, in a personalization of issues which has no bearing in a progressive modern society. A society that some wish to derail away from clear critical thinking about the devastation wrought on this country and direct into sectarianism and self-serving politics.

All these things are not a part of the American experience and must be denounced by all who find them repugnant in the strongest of terms.

In what can be summarized as the sole question as to the future of the working class and working people, and weither that government will serve working people its interests, in a democratic society:

“Confronting a continuing lack of focus on the real problems, false divisions between people who have more in common than not, and a personalization of issues which derails any and all attempts to think critically and clearly about the devastation wrought on the nation”.

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