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Junior my President, by Andrew Stergiou

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

What promises will you make?
What promises would you keep?
Should there be faith or criticism?

As you shuffled around the park,
Working you raked the leaves that fell in fall,
In odd jobs wrapped in the American flag,
I am dying, no time to waste, no time to lose,
It all does not matter since we already voted,

Who bears witness to these events?

The video camera focuses on what it is aimed.
People who are fickle watch those events,
But these petrified rock, these stones are witness to those events.

Crowds gathered early in the day eating homemade sandwiches,
Dignitaries are catered breakfasts
Laughing, crying, weeping, from behind barricades, the masses,
Ten thousand widows in black join them, as the believers spoke.

On pilgrimages journeying from every corner of the world,
The clowns entertained the masses,
The “revolution” was televised so they say,
As platitudes were placed in quotations,

Yesterday Anti-war protesters threw shoes at White House
Events of the day did not stop with the inauguration,
News of the world continued to be underreported,

In Moscow (as here) a human rights lawyer was murdered,
Shot by a masked assassin with a silencer on his gun,
He crept up behind a Russian human-rights lawyer,
Killed Monday but today was Tuesday,
A freelance reporter also was killed in the attack,
I report to the people

As muggers shot a senior citizen in the face,
An Australian writer was sentenced to three years in jail,
By a Thai court on Monday guilty for being,
Insulting Thailand's revered royal family in a novel,
But where was Buddha?
Where was the Buddha Dharma and truth?

From Pennsylvania to Utah,
Tickets for the great event doled out as rewards,
Sold at auction as political paybacks,
As school children watched but could not touch,
A people watched but could not feel,

Coffee mugs with your face on it smiled back into space,
Black official state limousine vehicles drove past,
Lining the streets en mass were school children,
As under any dictator attendance was mandatory,
The Secret Service most assuredly spies on me,
As god is dragged in for interrogation,
The right and left could not be trusted,
Catering to all sorts of evils,

Funding for art organizations dried up,
During a food scare concerning peanut butter,
Amid a salmonella outbreak,
Murdering six people, and sickening 470 others,
Men, women and children,
A kidnapped Greek shipping magnate was released,
Terrorists celebrate amid the rubble,
Terrorists speaking from both sides of their mouths,

Terrorists and politicians too,
Icelandic lawmakers return to work amid protests,
Subversively I do not smile,
The US House of Representatives comes to order,
Their chaplain addressed the gathering,
With all the pomp and ceremony of those circumstances,
He made his voodoo religious pronouncements,
The name of the holy is evoked,

But a place by the podium is denied the lord,
As those places were based on seniority not merit,
Immaculate is the décor,

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was Monday,
But was it remembered on Tuesday?

Callers spoke of the events today, not yesterday,
On TV radio and the media, in short fickle memories,
Celebrated in pain, in satisfaction, in anxiety,
In the nation before me the throngs of crowds,
Amid smiles, one day the fool will learn to properly spell his name,
Until then I will need an appointment to see him face to face,
Hidden behind his staff answering meaningless emails,
Running errands to Seven Eleven at 3am

A distinction between the servants and the served
But when will that all end?

Bookmakers started taking bets before Tuesday.
In the promise the gushing rhetoric will not dazzle everyone,
Not black or white, I am draw back in time,
But now is the present don't waste those moments,

For the promises seem broken before your inauguration,
In administration viewed as privileged
May you be true in word and deed
That speeches and words can not convey
That we the people exist despite them
Despite empty promises and hopes.

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